Midweek Top Side Wins Sectional Final
February 2023

President's Letter to Members

Hello Members
It is with absolute delight that I can boast that we won the Midweek Pennant Sectional Grand Final today!
The day looked promising with a beautifully prepared green (at Melbourne BC), and calm overcast conditions.  We all arrived at 9.00am to have a good roll up and were ready to go.
However, the day became increasingly grey and we endured light rain virtually throughout the entire game.  Awful.  Cold, damp, bowls picked up grass clippings and any bowls in the ditch were covered in wet sand.
Shelter was minimal and everything became wet.
Notwithstanding the miserable conditions, everyone played well and we finished by defeating Hampton by 13 shots and an end – the final end didn’t need to be played as the overall score was more than 8 up.
We all returned to the Club very happy indeed.
Many thanks again to the many wonderful supporters whose presence made a real difference to us.
So – now we head towards the Divisional finals, starting on Thursday this week at Cheltenham Bowls Club, playing against City of Melbourne BC.
Your support will again be so very much appreciated.
On Thursday evening at 6.00pm., we’re celebrating our Club’s success at Remezzo at 568 North Road – ALL very welcome including families and friends.
Please advise Helen Weiner (0413 457 133) ASAP if you plan to join us at Remezzo.
With best wishes


Rosemary Michael
Glen Eira-McKinnon Bowls Club